Environmental Awareness

Sanford is responding to existing and emerging environmental issues by seeking to improve performance standards in all its operations and through active participation in industry environmental initiatives and forums. 

Environmental performance improvement is being achieved by

  • the implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) incorporating compliance with ISO 14001 standards. All shore based and on board processing facilities are certified to ISO 14001 standard. 

  • continually investigating the implementation of methods to improve the Company's eco-efficiency in terms of farmed and harvested seafood, energy, water, packaging and waste management. 

  • protecting and enhancing the natural environment through active management programs to prevent events such as oil spills from occurring, and formal contingency planning in the event they do. We also undertake active maintenance of marine areas nearby to where we operate.

Sanford Pacific Tuna Operations Environmental Policy – August 2013


Sanford Shark Policy 2013

Sanford is committed to, and a strong advocate for, the sustainable use of shark fisheries and agrees that there is a need for global improvement.