Jack Mackerel

Jack Mackerel  (Trachurus spp.)

Jack Mackerel have a green/blue body with an olive green sheen, white below, and streamlined with long pectoral fins and obvious lateral line.  Jack Mackerel are trawled year-round along the coast.

Jack Mackerel fillets are dark but lighten on cooking.  They are oily and are high in Omega-3 and are suitable for most cooking methods.

Product Grade Pack size Land Frozen
Whole 100-200g
20kg Yes
Whole 400-600g
10kg Yes

Quota in New Zealand (tonnes/annum)

Total Sanford
Area 1 10000 6542
Area 3 18000 4154
Area 7 32537 12243
Area 10 10 0
TOTAL 60547 22849

Nutritional Information

Raw per 100g edible portion
Energy (kj) 463
Protein (g) 20.9
Carbohydrate (g) 0
Sugar (g) 0
Total Fat (g) 2.9
Saturated Fat (g) 0.8
Sodium (mg) 75

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