Greenshell™ Mussel

Greenshell Mussels (Perna canaliculus)

Greenshell mussels are native to New Zealand. While they grow "wild" in waters around the coast, it is farmed Greenshell mussels which are today firmly established as New Zealand's largest seafood export.

The shellfish is recognisable by its emerald green shell markings. The flesh is full and plump, and richly flavoured. The flesh of the female is a soft-blush apricot colour, and the male a pale creamy colour.

As an aquaculture species, the government sets no limit on the volume of mussels extracted commercially.

The Greenshell mussel is a very versatile shellfish that can be served marinated, or in hot or cold dishes in the half shell or as meat.

Product Grade Pack size
Half Shell Small
45+ pc per KG
30-45 pc per KG
-30pc per KG
12x 2lb
Half Shell – Tray Pack Small/Medium 21 x 1lb (454g)
15 x 1.5lb (680g)
21 x 500g
Meat Small
75+ pc per KG
50-75 pc per KG
-50 pc per KG
10kg, 12kg bulk pack
Meat –Tray Pack Small / Medium 21 x 1lb (454g)
15 x 1.5lb (680g)
12 x 500g

Nutritional Information

Raw per 100g edible portion
Energy (kj) 504
Protein (g) 18.8
Carbohydrate (g) 4.1
Sugar (g) 0.7
Total Fat (g) 3.1
Saturated Fat (g) 0.9
Sodium (mg) 553

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