Inshore Vessels

Sanfords inshore fleet consists of nine vessels they compliment the deep sea fleet and target mainly Snapper, Trevally, Tarakihi, Hoki and Orange Roughy. These vessels land over fifty different species all fresh. Vessels range in size from eighteen meters to thirty two meters in length and fish to depths of 20 meters to 1000 meters 
They typically have crews of four or five and spend the least amount of time at sea as possible to ensure the fish is landed fresh. This fleet consists of two longliners landing Snapper into Auckland and five trawlers mainly landing into Auckland and two trawlers landing into Timaru. Privately owned inshore Trawlers and Longliners are also contracted to fish out quota. They typically fish both East and West Coasts on the North Island and the East Coasts of the South Island.


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