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Auckland - Fish Processing Plant 
The Auckland fish processing plant is a new facility, opened in May 2002. It handles significant volumes of fresh fish that is sold on the domestic market or airfreighted to overseas markets. Frozen Snapper and Trevally are the two major inshore species processed in Auckland. Some processing of Orange Roughy and Smooth Dory is also carried out in Auckland during periods when little fresh fish is landed. Auckland is also the site of the Company Head Office, Marketing, and Administration offices. 

Coromandel - Mussel Farm 
- see details on aquaculture page

Tauranga - Fish Processing Plant 
Purse seine fishing and processing is the main focus of the Tauranga plant and fishing base. Purse seine varieties such as Jack and Blue Mackerel, Kahawai, and Skipjack Tuna comprise the largest volume species processed in Tauranga. Some deepwater species are also reprocessed in Tauranga. The plant also carries out vessel servicing and net repairing operations for the purse seine fleet of five vessels and two inshore trawlers. 

A major coldstore operation named ECS carries out blast freezing and cold storage operations for Sanford and a number of other major food industries in the region. A retail shop on site is highly rated by the public of the Bay of Plenty. 

Havelock - Mussel Processing Plant 
 - see details on aquaculture page

Timaru - Fish Processing Plant 
Fish processing at Timaru is based on the catch of four ice trawlers that land mainly Barracouta, Red Cod, Squid, and Hoki. Orange Roughy, Smooth Dory, Ling and Squid are also important varieties that are produced in Timaru. With Sanford's freezer and charter vessel fleets using Timaru as their base port the joint venture San Won unloading and storage facility is busy all year round. Vessel and Charter Managers are based in Timaru with ready access to the port. Sanford and San Won provide storage facilities of over 8,000 tonnes of coldstorage space some of which is utilized by other companies. 

Oamaru - Crayfish Processing Plant 
Oamaru is our smallest processing plant it is an important facility for handling live crayfish landed into ports in the region. Storage tanks and sophisticated filter and recirculating water systems ensure that the crayfish are kept in top condition ready for their air flights to overseas markets. 

Bluff - Mussel Processing Facility 
 - see details on aquaculture page

Bluff - Fish Processing Plant 
From September to January each year this plant processes the annual King Salmon harvest from our farms in Big Glory Bay. The plant also processes fish landed from independent fishermen throughout the year with species such as Blue Cod, Monkfish and School Shark providing most of the volume. Some limited reprocessing of deepwater species occurs at quiet times of the year. The plant also processes and deals with the wild caught and extremely popular Bluff Oysters during that season.  

Christchurch - Mussel Processing Plant
- see details on aquaculture page