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Auckland Fish Market is Auckland's only seven-day fresh food market selling ultra-fresh fish, fruit, veges, delicatessen goods and premium-grade meat. What's more, our cafes offer something for everyone.. Read more »


Welcome to Sanford

The Home of Sustainable Seafood


Thank you for visiting Sanford's website.  Some pages of our website are currently unavailable as we are in the process of re-designing and upgrading the site.

We thank you for your patience during this time.


Sanford Limited is a large and long established fishing company devoted entirely to the harvesting, farming, processing, storage and marketing of quality seafoods and aquaculture products, with a focus on the clear waters of New Zealand.

The Company supports the sustainable utilization of seafood from New Zealand's unique marine environment, and in other waters in which the company operates.

We seek to act responsibly in our commercial operations in accordance with international best practice in the marine and coastal environment and ensuring that customers receive quality products.

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